How to wear vintage chic jewelry (part VII)

I came across this very educational clipping of the 1940s or 1950s. Under the slogan ''Lets pin Coro down'', Coro gave multiple options to pin a brooch. Coro (Cohen & Rosenberger) was one of the largest American manufacturers of Costume Jewelry. The started in 1901 in Rhode Island and by 1946 they employed 8000 workers, they closed their doors in the 1990s. They became famous for their ''Duette'' clips or double clips and one of their taglines was: ''America's best dressed women wear Coro jewelry''. Look at the bottom of the clipping and see the brooch and compare it with my Belgium brooch. Now you know where to pin this Belgium beauty in 18K gold, diamonds and platinum. A Thank you for this inspirational clipping goes out to Viola from nasvete.com