About us

1950s dress clips1. Why did you choose to specialise in Art Deco and Retro jewelry?

Jewelry from this era will be the new antiques of the futures. Art Deco and Retro jewelry from 50, 60, 70 years ago has it own signature, it is recognisable, it was exclusive for that time and it is still very exclusive jewelry now a days.

2. What is your background in jewelry?

I grew up as the daughter of an antique dealer of Dutch jewelry and silver. From the age of 18 I went to auctions for my mom, as she did not had the time to go there herself.

In those days there was no such thing as online auctions. In my mid-twenties I thought for a brief moment of taking over the business of my mother, but I had other plans. I wanted to live and work abroad and own a chateau. Only after finding my husband I did so and for 10 years long I changed an 18th century old and torn down Burgundy castle into a holiday rental business.

In 2009 I started dealing in French antique jewelry at my chateau and I went back to school to learn more about precious stones. I followed the online courses at GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and I took all the lab classes in London and in Carlsbad, California. I worked for a short period for a jewelry retailer in the Caribbean, but I had no feeling with the brand new products that I sold. Even brands as De Beers Forever Mark and Harts on Fire could not exhilarated me.

Maybe this is because I saw so many beautiful pieces in France, or maybe because I just love old stones in all senses of the word. That soft patina that comes with the years and is undeniable beautiful to my eyes.

As the French locals called me La Chatelaine, which I’m still today, I thought it is an appropriate name for my web boutique. La chatelaine means: Lady of the Manor or Key holder.

3. Does every piece has it own story?

I do my utmost best to research every piece that I sell. A signature piece is sometimes easier to research than a non-signed piece. All jewelry is tested, the diamonds and precious stones are tested and/or examined and hallmarks are verified. Read more about this subject in my blog >>

4. Do you have also pieces in the style of a period?

Yes, some pieces are new or from a more recent date and this will be indicated.

5. Do you also sell jewelry from other periods?

Yes, I do have some 19th century jewelry, but most pieces are from the Art Deco and Retro period.

6. Do you give trunk shows? Or can I meet you at a fair or antique fair?

In the case of a special event I will announce it via my social media channels and I participate at antiques fairs in France, Holland and the UK.


Lara van Schaick
GIA GG (graduate gemologist) en registererd appraiser