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Frozen movements in gold

Frozen movements in gold: Retro French 18K gold and diamond brooch

Retro design of the 1940s, the undulating lines are typical of that time and refer to new inventions in fabric like rayon.

New in my shop are thes very strong and stylish Retro designs. Characteristic of the 1940s were the stiff and fluid lines like frozen movements and the use of “fabrics”. The handkerchief motif and the undulating lines in both brooches referred to the new artificial fabrics such as jersey or rayon, which were particular soft and fluid. Wear these pins high on the shoulder, as high as the collar bone, that was ‘en vogue’ in those years.

Frozen movements in gold: French handkerchief brooch in 18K gold and diamonds of the 1940s

French Handkerchief brooch in 18k gold and diamonds of the 1940s