Appraisals of jewelry

dutch hallmark for 18K gold 750_tete d'aigle dutch and french hallmarks for 18K gold

Every piece has a story to tell Emotions can run high when it comes to inherited jewelry, especially if you need to divide a collection that seems impossible to divide. Every piece has its story. Some pieces may seem worthless, others priceless because your mom or grandmother wore it every day.

Professional appraiser In cases like this and especially when there is no will, you might want to see a professional appraiser. I offer my services in case of a succession, when your insurance company advices you to make one and in cases of theft and lost. House visits I work in France, between Paris and Burgundy and in the Netherlands. I make house visits and I will bring all necessary gemmological equipment, so the jewelry stays at your home.

Tri-lingual As I'm tri-lingual I can offer the appraisal in the French, Dutch and English language. For a first impression you can send me a few photos, but I can not make an appraisal from photos alone, as pieces need to be closely examined and tested.

I work for a fixed fee or a percentage of the estimated value.

Please contact me via email. I'm a Dutch registered appraiser at the NJU.