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Auction results


A 1950/1960 diamond and enamal palmtree clip made by the House of Boucheron

This 18K white gold and platinum Boucheron “clip de revers” from the 1950’s doubled its appraisal in no time. From 2000 to 4500 Euros in one minute. The thing is that this clip misses a lot of enamel on one of its leaves.
Exotic flowers and trees like this palm tree clip were popular designs of the 1950’, but also exotic animals like paradise birds were one the themes to capture in gemstones often in combination with enamel. This clip has a brilliant trunk and baquette diamonds and green enamel for the stems and leaves.

Very heavy braid bracelet

In the same French auction a 1950 bracelet doubled it’s price. This bracelet weighs a whopping 112 grams. The bracelet is a very thick braid of 18K gold with a platinum clip set in diamonds with a tassel. A typical design of that time. Auction result: 4.500,- euros.