Loose gemstones

New garnet from Madagascar and new type of pearls New garnet from Madagascar and new type of pearls

Looking for a special gemstone and to be updated on the newest finds in the world, I visit on a regular basis trade shows of loose gem stones. Choosing between a soft pink tourmaline or a bright pink beryl can be a huge challenge, as they are equally beautiful. But the tourmaline fits the costumers wardrobe better, than the too expressive colour of the beryl.

In commission I buy single loose stones and pearls or strings of pearls for my customers. So if you have a vision of that heavenly blue stone for in a necklace or a stone with a beautiful phenomenon, but you were never be able to find one in a regular jewelry store, please talk to me and I can probably help you find the stone that fits your personality. Together we discuss shape, colour, type of stone, measurements and your budget. So if you are looking for an intense purplish blue Tanzanite or you want to have the newest finds from exotic places around the world, please contact la chatelaine (GIA Graduate Gemologist).