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Piece de la Resistance

Resistance jewelry: 18K gold French Liberation ring in bleu, blanc, rouge

Resistance Jewelry in Bleu, Blanc, Rouge

Without realizing it I bought a typical post war Liberation piece. This ring in 18K gold represents 3 torches with the Allied Forces flag in Blue (sapphire) – Blanc (diamond) and Rouge (ruby). The torches are set “en tremblant´, which means they can wiggle and the stones can turn around in their cone.
During World War II orders diminish and the creativity of the Jewelry Houses turn into jewelry pieces of resistance and patriotism. VCA and Cartier put their workshops under the flags of the Allied Forces and choose the 3 colours bleu-blanc-rouge to use in their jewelry designs. The results were rare pieces of patriotism under Nazi occupation.
The Liberation of France in 1944 inspired and during that year and the following year we see torches and flames in bleu-blanc-rouge, clips of nurses and soldiers and the Croix de Lorraine.

See also the French documentary “Les tresors de la joaillerie francaise”, (no sub titles)