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Afternoon of Vivid Blues in sapphire and tanzanite

This afternoon saw a great many Vivid Blues going under the hammer in Paris. All stones had a French or Swiss certificate of a gemological laboratory declaring that they found no signs of treatment and all stones are vivid blue in color.

5,08 cts vivid blue emerald cut sapphire

nr. 47, 5,08 cts emerald cut sapphire

nr 65_sapphire

nr. 65, 10,03 cts cushion cut sapphire

nr. 85, 7,09 cts oval sapphire

nr. 85, 7,09 cts oval sapphire

nr 118

nr. 118, 8,10 cts cushion cut sapphire

Lot number 47 is a emerald cut sapphire of 5,08 cts. This lovely vivid bleu went for 19.000 euros.

Next was a 10,03 cts cushion shaped sapphire going for 60.000 euros.

The third was a 7,09 cts royal bleu oval sapphire, for 28.000 euros (nr. 84) and the fourth stone again a cushion cut sapphire from Sri Lanka for 18.000 euros.

There were 2 more vivid bleus, but than in Tanzanite, nr. 72 a 18,96 cushion cut tanzanite for 24.000 euros and a 31,21 cts octagonal tanzanite for 44.000,- euros.

nr 72_tanzanite

nr. 72, 18,96 cts tanzanite

nr 145

nr. 145, 31,21 cts tanzanite