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About Lara

I grew up as the daughter of an antique dealer of Dutch jewelry and silver. From the age of 18 I went to auctions for my mom, as she did not had the time to go there herself. In those days there was no such thing as online auctions. In my mid-twenties I thought for a brief moment of taking over the business of my mother, but I had other plans. Chateau I wanted to live and work abroad and own a chateau. Only after finding my husband I did so and for 10 years long I changed an 18th century old and torn down Burgundy castle into a holiday rental business. Back to my roots In 2009 I started dealing in French antique jewelry at my chateau and I went back to school to learn more about precious stones. I followed the online courses at GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) and I took all the lab classes in London and in Carlsbad, California. I worked for a short period for a jewelry retailer in the Caribbean, but I had no feeling with the brand new products that I sold. Even brands as De Beers Forever Mark and Harts on Fire could not exhilarated me. Maybe this is because I saw so many beautiful pieces in France, or maybe because I just love old stones in all senses of the word. That soft patina that comes with the years and is undeniable beautiful to my eyes. As the French locals called me La Chatelaine, which I’m still today, I thought it is an appropriate name for my web boutique. La chatelaine means Lady of the Manor or Key holder. Enjoy! Lara Lunow GIA GG

Rene Boivin by Madame Cailles

This incredible ring was presented by the one and only Francoise Cailles, expert and author of the book “Rene Boivin, jeweler”. The ring “modele Quartre corps” consists of 4 rings which are set in rubies. This ring was made in the 1960/1970 by Rene Boivin. Continue reading

Maison de Bucherer

A Bucherer 18K gold, ruby and diamond bracelet with a hidden watch

A Bucherer 18K gold, ruby and diamond bracelet with a hidden watch

In 1888 Carl-Friedrich Bucherer, businessman and industrialist opened his first watch and jewelry store in Lucerne, Switzerland. In 2013 the family owned business celebrated their 125 jubilee. Today, third generation Jörg G. Bucherer leads the Bucherer Group and employs some 1500 people worldwide. The name Bucherer is well known beyond the borders of Switzerland and stands for quality at the very highest level. Their creations are designed and handcrafted in their own workshops and enjoy worldwide renown.

The Bucherer Group are not only manufacturers, but also retailers and wholesalers. In their boutiques they stock world class brand names such as: Rolex, Chopard, Piaget, IWC, Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux, TAG Heuer, Tudor, Beaume & Mercier, Longines, Rado and Gucci. The company stayed loyal to their founder and nurtured their own watch making tradition under the name Carl F. Bucherer brand name since 1919.

In 2001 the brand was repositioned and since joined a select group of Swiss watch making manufacturers who design, develop and produce movements in their own workshops.
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Auction results


A 1950/1960 diamond and enamal palmtree clip made by the House of Boucheron

This 18K white gold and platinum Boucheron “clip de revers” from the 1950’s doubled its appraisal in no time. From 2000 to 4500 Euros in one minute. The thing is that this clip misses a lot of enamel on one of its leaves.
Exotic flowers and trees like this palm tree clip were popular designs of the 1950’, but also exotic animals like paradise birds were one the themes to capture in gemstones often in combination with enamel. This clip has a brilliant trunk and baquette diamonds and green enamel for the stems and leaves.

Very heavy braid bracelet

In the same French auction a 1950 bracelet doubled it’s price. This bracelet weighs a whopping 112 grams. The bracelet is a very thick braid of 18K gold with a platinum clip set in diamonds with a tassel. A typical design of that time. Auction result: 4.500,- euros.